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Reporting & Analytics
Platform Integration Workflows
Location Management
Employee/Contractor Management
Portal Access for All Employees
Data Processing & Integration
SMS & Email Notifications
Task Management
Document Control
Notes and Emails
Process Improvement Tools
RCA & Action Plans
Surveys & Assessments
Policy & Procedure Management
Rounding Tools
Safety Huddles
Peer Review
Incident Reporting & Investigation
Near Miss & Unsafe Conditions
Anonymous Event Reporting
PSO Integration
Patient Experience
Process Management
Job Safety Analysis (JSA)
Lockout/Tagout (LOTO)
Environmental & Regulatory Compliance
Chemical Management
Training & Certification
Employee Health
Employee Injury & Illness
WC Claims Management & Admin
OSHA Reporting
Return to Work & ODG
Carrier/TPA Data Integration
Occupational Health
Enterprise Risk Management
Risk Register
Policy & Procedure Management
Compliance & Governance
Vendor Risk Management
Business Continuity Management (BCM)
Internal Audit
Claims Management & Administration
Insurance & Policy Program Management
CMS Section 111 Reporting
Certificates of Insurance
Provider Administration
Provider Administration
Premium Calculations & Quotes
Exposures, Allocations, & TCOR
NPDB Submission
Fleet Management