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In this “Features in 5” post, we take a look at how safety meetings in Origami Risk’s Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) solution suite can promote a proactive safety culture, proper training, and more all while reducing administrative burden.

Safety meetings are a core component to an effective EHS programme by promoting open and transparent communication, and are critical to empowering you and your team to identify and mitigate health and safety hazards. Though, with so many components required to take a meeting beyond just a “check box” exercise — including record-keeping, reporting, and assigning and monitoring of tasks — there can be a sizable administrative burden that gets in the way of pushing each meeting beyond the status quo.

Effective meetings require a number of moving parts to overcome the “check box” blockade that can quickly add up to additional time executing administrative tasks, including:

  • Scheduling meetings and tracking required attendees and attendance
  • Developing a focused agenda that promotes constructive conversation, collaboration and outcomes
  • Reporting on meeting progress, assignment of follow-up tasks, and progress of tasks 
  • Maintaining and distributing relevant records, including job safety analysis (JSAs), training documents and more

In this two-and-a-half minute video, see how easy Origami’s EHS suite makes organising and running safety meetings that promote a proactive safety culture, ensure proper training, and drive organisational transparency while minimising administrative burden.

Learn more about Origami's Safety Management Module here or start a conversation with us.