Enterprise Risk Solutions

Turn insight into action with enterprise risk management tools


Identify threats early, create mitigation plans, monitor progress and analyse results. Take a comprehensive view of risks and opportunities, and triage the most critical issues.

Get ahead of the curve

Shift from reactive to proactive and ensure stakeholders are focused on the most important risks. Spot trends and initiate actions before they escalate.

  • Crowdsource Risk Assessments
  • Multi-factor scoring
  • Link to incident and loss data, controls and more
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Single source of truth

By sharing the same core data, assessments, plans, and objectives, everyone remains on the same page. Promote greater relevance and transparency through common understanding of risk factors across the enterprise data model.

  • Unified risk data
  • Role-based access
  • Flexible report configuration

Stop chasing data

Manage bulk follow-ups with a single click to make time-consuming processes simple. Automate reminders and make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

  • Streamline collecting assessments
  • Monitor and manage progress on plans
  • Simplify clarification requests

Turn data into insights

Create the context needed to make better decisions. Push reports to key stakeholders when thresholds are reached to trigger timely discussions that lead to action.

  • Create relevant dashboards
  • Push reports based on customised thresholds
  • Keep stakeholders engaged

Risk Assessments

Streamline the assessment process and make it scalable


Analytics & Reporting

Track the KRIs and KPIs needed to evaluate risks and communicate progress.


Multi-factor scoring

Tailor ratings and scores to match your organisation’s terminology and preferences.


Risk mitigation plans

Ensure follow up is timely, accountable and transparent.

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