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CHICAGO, September 14, 2021 – Origami Risk, the industry-leading risk, safety and insurance Software as a Service (SaaS) technology firm, today announced it has expanded its online solutions to help employers address exposures related to COVID-19 with the addition of new functionality to track employee vaccinations, boosters, post-vaccination protection waiting periods, and weekly testing for employees who waive taking the vaccine.

The new tools, which build on Origami’s existing COVID-19 digital solution suite to help employers manage the impacts of the pandemic, enable employers to track individual employee vaccinations, including initial inoculation, scheduling and confirmation of second shots (as needed based on vaccine manufacturer), boosters and full protection waiting period. Origami’s tools also help employers track weekly testing of employees who waive vaccinations, test results, quarantine requirements for positive test results, follow-up testing and return-to-work protocols. 

“Ever since COVID-19 began spreading globally, we have been working closely with our clients to develop new solutions to help address employee health and safety needs, as well as impacts to their operations,” said Earne Bentley, president, Risk Solutions at Origami Risk. “Our ongoing collaboration with our clients continues to drive new and timely functionality that meets their emerging needs.” 

Origami’s award-winning platform-based COVID-19 digital solution suite was introduced in 2020 to address a wide range of employer needs as the pandemic spread rapidly across the U.S. and around the world. In addition to monitoring vaccinations, outbreaks, PPE supplies, fit tests and related employee compliance, the solutions track employee exposures to COVID-19, travel and quarantine, regional and local pandemic spread and resulting shutdowns or curtailments affecting individual employer locations, and relevant preparedness and contingency measures, response and communication.  

Available on Origami’s popular risk management information system (RMIS) platform, the COVID-19 solutions are accessible by desktop, laptop and various mobile devices. 

Additional information regarding Origami Risk’s new COVID-19 solutions is available by visiting: