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Front-end features are undoubtedly important. Yet they are of little value if the technology behind them runs slowly when you need the most processing power, restricts your ability to connect with data sources, can’t be adapted to your processes, or struggles to meet the demands of your employees and clients.

Origami Risk addresses these and other concerns by deploying configurable, user-friendly features within a secure, scalable platform — accessible via browser and mobile app — that is the foundation for our integrated insurance, risk, safety and compliance solutions.


The multi-tenant, cloud-based Origami Risk platform allows for the expansion of computing resources — increased processing power, additional storage, new users — based on changes in your business objectives. All users are on the same version, which means the latest security updates and functionality are in place, no installation required.

  • Cloud-Based (Native)
  • Multi-Tenant, Single-Version Code Base
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) Delivery
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Without the need for custom coding or plug-ins, any component within the Origami Risk platform can be configured to meet your business requirements and workflows. Front-end access to system administration settings puts you in control, allowing designated users to make necessary adjustments on the fly when they’re needed. 

  • Integrated System Admin Tools
  • Client- and Role-Based Security
  • Client-Specific Branding and Themes
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Your clients, vendors, and internal users have expectations when it comes to communication, collaboration, data access, and self-service — we can help you meet and exceed them.

Regardless of how you use Origami Risk, the platform provides multiple options that help to improve transparency, build trust, and change the way your stakeholders see you.    

  • Online Portals
  • Mobile Applications
  • Integrated Email and SMS
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The team that implements and supports the software you use each day is just as important as the technology on which the platform is built. Origami Risk is committed to serving as a trusted partner — providing invaluable insight during implementation, collaborating with clients to develop new, innovative functionality, and working to ensure users take full advantage of all that our integrated risk, insurance, safety, and compliance solutions have to offer. 

  • Insurance, Risk, Compliance and Safety Expertise
  • Collaborative Implementation Approach
  • Consultative Support Model
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  • P&C Policy Administration

    Deliver new property and casualty insurance products to market quickly and efficiently, while offering a modern buying experience to agents and insureds.

    Origami manages the entire policy life cycle with fully integrated digital solutions including dashboards and advanced analytics.

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    Digital Access

    Accessible via web and mobile, the cloud platform is designed for all the key stakeholders in the policy lifecycle.

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    Billing Integration

    Billing is tightly integrated with rating and formula tools in order to automatically create accurate invoices, track payments, and generate cross-policy financial analytics.

  • P&C Claims Administration

    Fully integrated claims management functionality

    Origami Risk is a scalable, cloud-based, end-to-end claims management solution for consolidating all of your organization’s claims data across all lines of coverage, streamlining workflow processes, and analyzing claims data to identify and take strategic action to reduce claim costs.

    Teamwork with futuristic interface
    Claims Adjusting

    Streamline the claims adjudication process for any claim type, regardless of coverage–improving your efficiency and freeing up time for more important tasks.

    close up on man hand using tab pad on laptop to working about futuristic of social media marketing icon for internet network technology and business concept
    Digital Engagement Solutions

    Origami’s digital engagement solutions include a configurable mobile and web experience tailored to each audience, internal or external and correspondence through text and email.

  • Environmental Health & Safety

    Empower your team to drive a proactive safety culture.

    Advance a culture of safety with the tools accessible to all employees to empower them to report incidents, injuries, and near misses and conduct audits, inspections, and observations. Follow up via root cause analysis, corrective actions, and robust reporting to reduce the likelihood of future adverse events.

    Man managing construction tasks on site
    Capture Data Anywhere

    Give supervisors and employees the ability to capture safety-related information from anyone and anywhere, at any time via mobile or web portal.

    Woman and man looking up data in spreadsheet
    Enhanced Dashboards and Reporting

    Identify hazards using robust dashboards and reporting that helps visualize potential hot spots.

  • Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)

    Transform the way your organization views risks, and compliance

    Address risks, understand the organization’s actions and controls, and enable a proactive approach with a fully-integrated platform.

    man viewing manufacturing analytics
    See the bigger picture

    Break down silos and create a unified, forward-looking view across the enterprise that identifies critical threats and opportunities.

    Man checking analytics on tablet
    Turn insight into action

    Make better decisions and get ahead of issues with data that provides stakeholders with context and clarity.

  • Healthcare Risk and Safety Platform

    Manage everything risk, claims, insurance, safety, and quality in a single platform.

    Risk management for healthcare risk managers, quality managers, and patient safety teams can collaborate, communicate, and work to centralize healthcare data. Break down organizational silos, save time, and drive efficiency automated tools and functionality for healthcare claims management, policy management, patient safety and quality, enterprise risk management, and employee health, safety, and workers’ compensation.

    doctor managing team on tablet
    Integrated Claims and Policy Data

    Bring all claims and policy data together in a single system to uncover insights on policy erosion and costs.

    healthcare training class
    Keep track of your programs

    Track adverse events, conduct investigations, and monitor the success of your employee and patient safety programs.

  • Risk Management Information System (RMIS)

    A comprehensive risk management solution

    From claims management and incident intake, to exposure values collection and TCOR – manage all aspects of risk on a single platform.

    Man planning logistics
    Streamline Processes

    Free yourself from administrative tasks and focus on what matters

    man viewing analytics dashboard
    Solutions that work with You

    Easily configure Origami to adjust to your specific workflows

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