Incident Reporting

Calculate and trend key safety metrics such as TCIR, DART, LTC and Severity rates.

Audit & Inspection Reporting

Leverage data collected in audits and inspections to ensure standardization and control throughout the organisation.



Compliance Reporting

Make compliance easier and more efficient with standard OSHA reports and logs.



Configurable Charts

Leverage intuitive, flexible administrative tools to build your own dashboards and reports


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Port of Seattle - EHS quote

With Origami Risk, [our employees] know when a near miss or hazard is reported, it won’t fall through the cracks because of communication breakdowns or procedural barriers. As a result, they report more, and we can prevent injuries. This engagement has had a positive impact on employees’ morale, which can often influence their commitment to workplace safety.


Britney Gallagher
Workers' Compensation Manager, Port of Seattle

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