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About Our Approach

Different by Design 

Ongoing communication is key to getting it right the first time

Implementation involves working closely with clients to examine existing data, reports, and workflows to see if they support a client’s specific business objectives. This is made possible because each Origami Risk team member possesses an understanding of risk management and insurance best practices and advanced technology experience. Each also shares another common trait: a problem-solving mindset that looks for the “why,” not just the “what.”

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Starting week one, clients receive deliverables to review for the week ahead.

Origami’s service team gathers results and feedback and distributes them in advance of regular meetings that continue throughout the entire implementation. This process enables clients to pivot to a more optimal solution, should one arise. It also acts as an additional form of training that prepares users for go-live well before the arrival of the go-live date.

We focus on hiring and retaining people who take ownership of issues.

Client executives have the authority to make the changes clients request. There’s no need to escalate an issue or schedule a meeting to get permission. Instead, we roll up our sleeves and get to work.

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University of the Pacific

Our service rep is guiding us through the implementation phase and has been a wonderful collaborator. He is responsive and I appreciate the time and effort he has invested to learn and understand our business needs. As a result he always has great ideas to incorporate Origami into our system functions so we achieve the best outcome.


Louisa Jones
Risk and Insurance Manager
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Platform Configurability

Flexible technology streamlines implementation and contributes to responsive support.


System Admin Tools

Integrated, easy-to-use admin settings mean code-free setup and maintenance.



National and regional user groups and one-on-one sessions help increase knowledge of system functionality.


Can-Do Culture

Solving problems and contributing to the success of our clients is why we do what we do. 

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