Mobile Access

Conduct audits and inspections easily and efficiently in the field with offline mobile, talk to text, and the ability to include images and video that tell the entire story



Management System Checklists

Get ready-to-use checklists for ISO readiness — including ISO 45001, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 


Best Practices Checklists

Employ the commonly used checklists in audits and inspections — for forklifts, ladders, PPE, annual/monthly corporate audits and OSHA standards



Configurable Audit & Inspection Creation

Tune your audits and inspections to your organisations’ unique needs with flexible administrative tools and first-class service support


Corrective Actions

Ensure proper follow up by creating and assigning corrective actions directly from the audit screen


Audit Scoring & Metrics

Track KPIs such as audit scores and completed or open audits


Dashboards, Analytics & Reporting

Leverage data collected to drive visibility and proactively reduce future incidents or occurrences

Man managing construction tasks on site
man developing workflow on tablet
man viewing manufacturing analytics

Compass Group Safety Quote

Safety is something we want our unit managers and associates to always be thinking about, regardless of whether they’re working at a location that has a history of generating claims or not. We’ve provided them with tools that will give them greater ownership of the procedures that drive safe workplace behavior.


Brian Van Allsburg
VP Risk Management

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