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In this abbreviated case study, we look at several of the challenges that Tesco’s insurable risk team was able to solve through leveraging Origami’s RMIS solution and the outcomes they achieved.

About Tesco 

Tesco’s Insurable Risk team is responsible for delivering innovative and cost-effective solutions for managing the insurable risk of the UK-headquartered multinational retailer. To accomplish this, the team works to identify key risks, effectively finance risk, efficiently resolve claims, set policy and governance, and promote pragmatic risk management across an enterprise with more than 360,000 colleagues who serve millions of customers. 

Replacing a Legacy RMIS 

  • Challenge – In 2017, the Tesco Insurable Risk team decided it was time to replace the organisation’s risk management information system (RMIS). A key requirement in the search for a new RMIS was a system that could be configured to mirror the multinational corporation’s location structure.  

  • Solution – The highly configurable Origami Risk platform is designed to handle even the most complex organisational location structures. This includes the ability to create multiple-level location hierarchies that mirror HR and Finance codes, as well as physical locations for tracking COPE data and values, incidents and claims, and more at specific locations.  

  • Outcome – Since 2018, the Tesco Insurable Risk team has used Origami Risk to successfully manage and report on claims and risk data for more than 5,000 active locations of businesses that make up the Tesco Group — Tesco UK & ROI (Republic of Ireland), Tesco Bank, Booker, Tesco Czech Republic, Tesco Hungary, Tesco Slovakia, and Dunnhumby.  

Handling Processes Already in Place 

  • Challenge – The Tesco Insurable Risk team was looking to implement a RMIS capable of handling risk and claims management processes already in place. At the same time, smoother system upgrades and functionality that streamlined daily tasks and simplified the running of reports were critical considerations.  

  • Solution – Without the need for time-consuming and costly custom coding, Origami Risk can be configured to replicate existing processes. Trouble-free quarterly updates provide clients with access to new and expanded features and functionality 

  • Outcome – The flexibility of Origami Risk’s platform meant the Insurable Risk team did not need to alter processes. Instead, with tools and functionality such as integrated reports & dashboards and the ability to attach documents to claims, the team was able to eliminate cumbersome workarounds and manual steps necessitated by limitations of their previous RMIS.  

Implementing a Responsive, Automated Ticketing System 

  • Challenge – For a team tasked with timely delivery of innovative and cost-effective solutions for managing Tesco’s insurable risks, entering software support requests via a ticketing system and waiting for changes was not an option. Ideally, the technically adept team members would be able to make changes as needed while also being able to rely on the responsiveness of their vendor’s service team.  

  • Solution – Origami Risk’s integrated admin module makes it possible for designated client system admins to make additions or changes as needed. A responsive, best-in-class service team partners collaboratively with clients to help them achieve their business objectives by taking full advantage of all Origami Risk has to offer. 

  • Outcome – Using the integrated Admin module, designated members of the Tesco Insurable Risk team can build and make changes to forms, add locations, and more. When assistance or advice is needed, members of the team are able to reach out directly to their Origami service representative. These support options, combined functionality in the system, have freed the team up to focus on data integrity and implementing a new process for colleagues to anonymously submit Serious Reportable Incidents via an Origami Risk online portal.

To learn more about Origami’s RMIS solution suite and how it can help your organisation, visit our solution overview page or start a conversation with us