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With approximately 55,000 staff members serving 90 million people per year at more than 300 locations, The Cheesecake Factory® faces some daunting safety challenges. In this case study, we look at how The Cheesecake Factory® is meeting these challenges by unifying the company’s risk & safety programs and data.
Cheesecake Factory

Safety Meetings

With Origami’s Safety Meetings Module, you can monitor the operations and impact of your safety meetings with an efficient and easy-to-use system that’s designed to enhance collaboration and communication. Origami Safety Meetings allows you to:

  • Schedule Meetings
  • Maintain and Distribute Records
  • Report on meetings

Integrated Platform Brochure

In this integrated product guide, learn more about how Origami’s RMIS, GRC, and EHS solutions allow users to capture all of their risk, safety, and compliance data in a centralised system and provide: 

  • Improved visibility into company-wide risk as a single source of truth 

  • Process